Chartered Accountant in Perth & Westport, Ontario

Committed to Your Financial Excellence

At Cross Street & Company, we take pride in actively promoting your financial success. Our knowledgeable staff is fully committed to growing your assets, by providing you with the necessary information and reports and by taking ample time to review upcoming challenges and opportunities with you. Client testimonials have included the following benefits of working with us:

Business Clients

  • The assurance that your accounting system is designed to provide valuable management information;
  • Impressive guidance in effective business financing;
  • The relief that Cross Street & Company has extensive knowledge and experience in successfully resolving disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • The confidence that you are getting the best price and terms when successfully concluding the purchase or sale of a business;
  • The assurance that all tax returns are done thoroughly and in a timely fashion;
  • The peace of mind that you will not miss out on any tax deductions or credits.

Personal Clients

  • The assurance that your tax returns are filed on time, your taxes are minimized and all tax planning opportunities are identified;
  • The peace of mind that your children’s education is well funded when required;
  • The confidence that your retirement is well planned and will meet your future needs;
  • The confidence that your estate is well organized, that adequate provisions are made for desired beneficiaries and that the tax burden is minimized.

Healthcare & Not-For-Profit

  • An impressive array of expertise in addressing MIS reporting requirements, problems and solutions;
  • A wealth of experience in the not-for-profit sector addressing reporting requirements to a variety of government funding agencies;
  • Good working knowledge of annual information returns and charity information returns.